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Product Description:

Attention for troubleshooting :
YINENN-850 will not charge:

1,Possibly a faulty USB connector :Check to make sure no dust has accumulated in the charging port. User may try cleaning the USB connector on the body of the device. Use of a lens blower is advised.
2,Faulty USB Cable connection:User may try using another similar cable to try charging the device or may get a replacement cable from the YINENN customer service team

YINENN-850 will not turn on

1,Device is not charged:If the device is not charged, plug the USB cord into a computer or into a wall adapter and into the device's mini USB port. Any USB wall adapter should suffice.
2,Charger cord is faulty:If charge cord not work, the charging cord is faulty and needs to get a new replacement cord from YINENN customer service team .
3,Battery is faulty:Plug the device into a charger that you know works. If it still does not charge, then need to contact YINENN to get device replaced .

YINENN-850 will not connect to a cell phone via Bluetooth

1,First time connection:Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in settings on desired cell phone. The cell phone must be within 10 meters of the speaker to connect and remain connected. Be sure that the Bluetooth button on the speaker was pressed and that the device then has a blinking blue light, which signifies that the device is in discover mode. Search for the Bluetooth device as YINENN-850 in the Bluetooth settings of the cell phone

2,Unable to connect using any device:Power both the headset and the cell phone on and off to reboot systems. Make sure that the devices are compatible. Make sure both devices have all updates installed. Try connecting to the speaker using a new device by following the first time connection section above. If you are still unable to connect using any device, you may need to replace the motherboard.

 YINENN-850 buttons will not work

User can let the battery drain completely, recharge the device, and restart it. If the buttons, such as volume and Bluetooth, will not work, the device may need to be replaced.

1,If item doesn't turn on ,please suggest customer according to the user manual or you can transfer the customer to contact us anytime,our service team will directly contact customer within 12 hours .
2,Before start using the headset,customer have to use the USB charge cable to charge it first,if don't charge,the item won't turn on .
3,Customer need to push calling button for 2-3 seconds to start device, then will find the red and blue light flash alternately,which means item has been turn on .
4,If the someone can't hear the voice when talking on the phone ,customer just need to adjust the volume of headset ,not volume of cellphone .Or Amazon can transfer the customer to us ,our service team will assist customer solve the problem within 12 hours .
5,If the item doesn't hold charge ,customer just need to switch another usb charge cable or different USB adaper to charge ,if the led lights shows red lights which means the device is being charged .Or Amazon can transfer the customer to contact us ,our service team will contact the customer to provide them FREE usb charge cable from Boston or replace a new device directly .
6,if the item doesn't work or defective ,Amazon needs to suggest customer contact us ,our service team will replace a new device for defective item or provide returns lable to refund to customer .
7,if we received any negative feedback ,we have been in contact with customers and replace the new device for them or refund .
8,we have arranged 3 QC inspectors who is specialized in supervising our operation to pre-test all the items before sentshipment to FBA, ensure all the items defective were found before shipment.
9,we replied to the buyer emails in time,avoiding leaving the customers with bad impression like nobody is handling his case,which result in the submit of the complaints.
10,we have been pretest every items before the shipping or before ship to FBA and ensure all the products is in a good condition,will not cause negative complaints.
11,we have a excellent customer service team who will assist every single customer active and timely communication within 12 hours .
12,we also update the troubleshooting steps from our end to prevent any defective inventory.
13,if people can't hear the voice on other side ,customer just need to set make a phone call by bluetooth device on the cellphone.

Any issue ,Just contact YINENN customer service team ,we will be get back to you within 12 hours !


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